Maria Lawrence
Maria is an attorney and has a Masters in Counseling, which is the basis for her exceptional problem solving and communication skills. She has extensive experience in the operations and administration of the gymnastics business and frequently utilizes her law degree to create and implement legal documents and policies and procedures. Maria’s strength lies in her communication skills and human resources experience. She also has significant sales and marketing experience within the private gymnastics industry. Maria will be heading up the operational/administrative and human resources aspects of the business. Maria brings a wealth of business and direct gymnastics experience to the ownership team. She is also USAG and safety certified.

Samantha Baltierrez (“Sam”)

Samantha is an Arizona native and grew up in North Phoenix.  Her love for gymnastics began at the age of 18 months when she began taking gymnastics classes.  Samantha competed for a local gym up through Level 8.  She has been a coach for 12 years and is a certified USAG Gymnastics Judge.  Samantha’s passion for children is what makes her a successful coach and life trainer.  She heads up the coaching aspect of the business and brings a tremendous amount if gymnastics experience to the gym.  It is her unique perspective as both coach and gymnast that makes her an amazing coach. She is also USAG and safety certified.


Nikos Kentimenos - Coach Nikos was born and raised in Greece.  When he was a young boy he began his gymnastics training.  He was very talented and eventually became a member of the Greek Men's National Team.  He was the Greek National Champion many times over on various events but his specialty was pommel horse.  He was a two time National ALL AROUND Champion for his country.  After he finished his competitive career he began coaching women's gymnastics and excelled in that as well.  He rose through the ranks and eventually became the Women's National Team coach for Greece.  He has coached and competed all over the world and is truly a world class coach.  We are blessed to have him leading our Girls Team program and as part of our Impact family.  The Impact philosophy was designed with Coach Nikos in mind.  Nikos is married and has two young daughters who are both in gymnastics and part of the competitive team at Impact.


LaShawn Benson Malvido - Coach LaShawn was a former JO gymnast and competed through Level 9.  She loves to dance and has been featured on "So You Think You Can Dance," "Soul Train" and has opened for various artist at their concerts.  Her main focus is coaching beam and floor and creating unique music and routines.  Coach La Shawn has been coaching for 15 years and combines her passion for dance with her passion for gymnastics.  She is married and is the mother of two beautiful children. 


Katie Chapin - Coach Katie is the head coach for the Xcel Team.  She grew up in the gym her parents owned and began gymnastics at 15 months old.  She competed in the JO program up through Level 7.  She has been coaching for 12 years and has her Masters in Healthcare Administration and is currently working on her Doctorate.  Coach Katie also masquerades as Punky Bruizer for her Roller Derby team.


Brooke Neudorfer - Coach Brooke came to Impact from Seattle, Washington, where she was born and raised.  She was a gymnast for 13 years and competed in the JO Program through Level 10.  She has been coaching for 9 years and loves the sport of gymnastics.  She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Biology - Physiology.  Brooke is married and her husband is studying to be a pilot.


Morgan Parkinson - Coach Morgan has been at Impact since day one!  She has been coaching for 5 years and used to participate in TNT.  Morgan is a student at GCU and working towards a dual major in Special Education and Elementary Education with a certification in Math.  Morgan heads up our Camps and the kids love her outgoing personality.  Morgan loves all things gymnastics and has been skydiving and LOVED it.


Bella Lawrence - Coach Bella is a former member of our JO Team at Impact.  She has been doing gymnastics since she was a baby and has been coaching for 3 years.  She coaches Devo, Rec, Summer Camps and Birthday Parties. Bella is a total goof ball and the kids love her! Bella is also our Birthday Party Department Leader.


Giota Kladau - Giota was born and raised in Greece and came to America almost 5 years ago.  She is married to Nikos and they have 2 daughters.  Both of her children are members of our JO Team.


Your IMPACT Gymnastics Academy training begins with and is built on World-class coaches.

Amy Anderson - Coach Amy has been with Impact since we opened our doors,  She is an invaluable member of our team and coaches Kinder Kids classes.  She is studying to be a special education teacher  at GCU and is a coach favorite at Impact.

Milena Brnovich - Coach Milena is a former student of Coach Sam's.  She coaches Rec classes and loves teaching the kids new skills.

Robert Canzano - Coach Robert is a former gymnast and competed through Level 10. He has a wealth of experience and has been coaching for many years.  He joins our coaching staff and will bring his expertise to our Tumbling program.

Sean Dean - Coach Sean coaches the NINJA Zone and has 10 years of Martial Arts experience and is currently 2nd Degree Black Belt.  He is very active in his choir program at school and loves to sing and dance.  Coach Sean is a CF Warrior (Cystic Fibrosis) and has had the disease since birth.  He is more than an overcomer and he loves coaching the kids in the NINJA Zone and teaching them that they too can be overcomers!

Micah DeCleene - Coach Micah comes to us from Hawaii where she competed in the JO program.  She was a 6 time State qualifier and a 2009 Western Regional Qualifier.  She attend Grand Canyon University and is studying electrical engineering.  Coach Micah coaches Rec and Kinder Kids classes and has a sunny disposition making her a favorite at they gym!

Steve Edwards - Coach Steve Edwards comes from a tremendous gymnastics background and was a collegiate athlete winning Academic All-American status and participating as a member of the California State Unveristy at Chico NCAA Division II National Championship second-place team in gymnastics.  Steve has a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in both Physical Education and Biology.  Steve brings his wealth of experience to our Team program.

Kaitlyn Fleming - Coach Kaitlyn has significant gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do experience.  She was a member of our JO competitive team and she coaches Rec and Kinder Kids classes. 

Rachel Goettl - Coach Rachel is a former gymnast and was coached by Coach Sam.  She is currently a college student and primarily coaches Recreational gymnastics.  The kids love Coach Rachel.

Brooke King - Coach Brooke grew up competing int he JO program.  Her love and passion for gymnastics make her a great coach.  Coach Brooke coaches in our Xcel and Rec programs and is one of the Xcel Team Coaches.

Abrianna Lawrence - Coach Bri, as she is referred to throughout the gym, has been doing gymnastics since she was sixteen months old. Bri was trained as a gymnast by Samantha Baltierrez from the age of four until she was 10 years old.  She competed through Level 7 in the JO Program and retired at the age of 14 as the Regional Vault Champion.  Bri has been coaching for  years and coaches Team, Recreational and Developmental gymnastics at Impact and on occasion helps at the Hospitality Center.  Bri is a valued member of our Impact family!

Chrislyn Perry - Coach Chrislyn has been coaching for six years and coaches in our Team and Developmental programs.  She loves working with the competitive team and enjoys working with children.  She is currently in school working to become a dental hygenist.

Cara Redding - Coach Cara coaches in our Kinder Kids program and loves the little ones!  She has a wealth of experience with kids and has taught children for several years in Vacation Bible Schools.  Her fun personality and the fact that she is also small, make her a big hit with the kiddos.

Joy Rimel - Coach Joy coaches in our Kinder Kids program and loves being part of their learning process.  She is a student at Grand Canyon University and is studying  to be a Pre-Physicians Assistant. She is from the Big Island of Hawaii and studied dance for several years. Coaching the kids has become one of her favorite things to do.

Alissa Scott - Coach Alissa has over 12 years coaching Kinder Kids.  She brings a wealth of experience to Impact and her daughter is a member of the Impact JO Team.  

Madison Vaupell - Coach Madison was a former JO gymnast under Coach Sam.  She primarily coaches Recreational gymnastics and she loves the kids.  She has a very funny personality and the kids love her.

Zoey Waxman - Coach Zoey was a gymnast for 13 years and competed in the JO program through Level 10.  She enjoys playing the violin and diving.  She is going to school to become a physical therapist.

Jordan Zeller - Coach Jordan was a gymnast for 10 years and competed in the JO program through Level 8.  Her favorite event was bars.  She is currently attending college where she is studying Exercise & Health Sciences and hopes to enter the Corporate Wellness field after graduation.