Kinder kids

The Kinder Kids program consists of classes for children 6 months to 6 years.


The girls recreational program is for children age 6 and up. Children progress through recreational levels when they master distinct skills. Each child progresses at their own pace. Girls Recreational gymnastics offers 6 distinct levels to achieve.


The Ninja Zone program provides children with a unique channel to redirect their energy. Practicing the sport of Ninja will exercise their minds, build character, confidence, and cultivate discipline. Ages 3-11.


Our developmental program is for children up to the age of 8 that show promise in the following areas: strength, flexibility,  and athleticism.  They must be good listeners and able to learn quickly as these kids will move at a faster pace than our Kinder Kids classes and be groomed for placement on our competitive team. The three levels are differentiated by age.


Our girls Junior Olympic competitive team program is governed by the United States Association of Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program (USAGJO). The USAGJO has specific skill requirements for each level and the students will master those skills that pertain to their level and then compete against other teams in the United States of America. The short term goal for this program is to produce top quality athletes that are State and Regional Champions. The long term goal for this program is to produce top quality athletes at the highest level of gymnastics so that they can secure college scholarships for their gymnastics ability.


The girls XCEL team program is a competitive recreational program aimed at keeping girls in the sport of gymnastics. The requirements of this program are less stringent than the Junior Olympic program, USAGJO, and allows girls to compete and have longevity in the sport because the time commitment is significantly less than the USAGJO program.


The tumbling programs are designed for co-eds with a desire to tumble. The classes will focus on the elements necessary for tumbling. This is a great class for those who want to focus on just the tumbling aspect of gymnastics, or those who are cheerleaders and want to improve their tumbling skills!


These programs may not fit a certain category, they are still important for co-eds looking to do these specialized classes.