We offer special & extra programs that meet specific needs in the community. We will continuously research community and social trends to create and implement special classes that meet specific needs in our community.

sports agility

55 mins
This co-ed class will help children with basic fitness and flexibility. Core strength and balance will help any child build on the basics required for any sport. Here the students will work on strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and spatial awareness.


60 mins
This class will be offered to home school students. The home school children will come to an almost empty gym and have full use of the floor space and equipment as they fulfill their physical activity requirement in a fun and safe environment.


We offer one-on-one instruction to children with special needs. Our highly trained special needs instructors specialize in one-on-one physical activity instruction using gymnastics equipment for special needs children. This instruction combines physical therapy and occupational therapy in a fun and safe environment.


Please contact us to schedule your private lesson. We offer private lessons to everyone ~ Whether you're just starting out or at the Elite Level.  602-870-7574.